Wanda Jackson – Thunder on the Mountain

Wanda Jackson - The Party Ain't Over No question about it, Jack White’s got style. More than just about anyone else who’s not named Gaga, Jack White understands that an ounce of appearance is worth a pound of effort, and that’s not to say that there isn’t plenty of effort in his work. He just makes it look effortless because he looks so goddamned good doing it.

This first video from his collaboration with rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson is another in a long line of examples with a tasty Dylan cover, “Thunder on the Mountain.” Backing the tiny Jackson with a band decked out in black and pink stage wear, White dances and stomps around his muse like a lovestruck hillbilly. Much like his earlier collaboration with Loretta Lynn, White knows how to embrace the elements and style of a genre without coming off as a parody. As someone who plays a lot of shows with bands with fake accents, I can tell you that ain’t easy to do.

The Party Ain’t Over is available on pre-order from White’s Third Man Records. First 1,000 orders come in an “exclusive Third Man greeting care gatefold sleeve,” 100 of which will randomly come with fuschia colored vinyl. Don’t you just love that sort of thing?

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6 thoughts on “Wanda Jackson – Thunder on the Mountain”

  1. No, I don’t think so.

    That said, I haven’t heard the whole album so can’t comment on whether it’s good or not. I can say that these cats look pretty good in these get-ups.

  2. JW’s shtick is getting a bit old. While I do appreciate his work ethic and passion, it’s starting to seem like a bit of a show.

  3. Right! Jack White seems to have a very old school approach to the whole thing. Work hard, be smart and give ’em a show! I love it.

  4. I got very cynical and negative about Jack for awhile there, but I’m back around to appreciating his efforts. He’s too damn funny not to like. The pure sense of mischief with the stuff his label is putting out has to be admired. I just got done watching the Letterman appearance and it was pretty damn cool.

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