Arctic Monkeys, Black Treacle Video

Arctic Monkeys – Black Treacle

Nobody can accuse Arctic Monkeys of resting on their laurels…or their fashion. In the span of five years the band has put out four albums (not including side projects), toured the world a few times and hit all the hip festivals. And what started as a neo-Mod band with a healthy nod to musical and fashion mentor Paul Weller has transformed to a bunch of roughneck long-hairs to now what appears to be Eddie Cochrane rock-a-billy heroes. The Mod v. Rocker wars are officially over.

The new single from 2011’s Suck It and See comes complete with a slick video that highlights the band’s new style and infatuation with American road movies. There’s not so much a story here as an homage to tried and true themes: runaway brides, escaped convicts, desert drives and put-upon drivers.

Cool song, cool video, super cool hair.


Arctic Monkeys – Black Treacle

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