Download the new Riviera EP for free!

You might remember a band called Riviera. Back in the day when we were flush with ad revenue, we started a little record label to release music by bands we loved. One of those bands was Riviera. It doesn’t hurt when the founder of the band is one of the founders of the record label (just ask Superchunk). Anyway, Glorious Noise Records ran out of money and went on hiatus, and Riviera relocated to Portland.

The label’s still on hold but Riviera is back in action with a new EP called Watching Western Skies, and for a limited time you can download it for free over at captainsdead. So check it out! Why not?

Of course, if you dig it and want to support the band, you can always toss them a fiver and get a genuine physical compact disc! This band doesn’t really tour outside the Pacific Northwest so if you wanna encourage them, don’t wait for them to come to your town because they probably won’t.

• Captains Dead: free record alert: riviera’s watching western skies – limited time
• Buy it at CDBaby: Riviera – Watching Western Skies
• Reverb Nation: Riviera
• Facebook: Riviera
• Twitter: Riviera

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