GBV Bassist on Letterman

GBV Bassist Wipes Out on Letterman

Jake and I were just talking yesterday about how lame and sterile live TV appearances have become (compared to this). From lip-synching to flawless choreography to note-for-note playback of their latest singles, artists hawking their wares on TV have become a bore. Except for Guided By Voices. Watch Pollard and crew jumble through their perfectly messy power pop as their bassist takes a spill right there on national TV. Watch to the end and hear him tell Dave “I fell on my ass!” Perfect from now on.


VIA My Old Kentucky Blog

3 thoughts on “GBV Bassist Wipes Out on Letterman”

  1. After listening to it, I think his falling flat on his ass is a perfect metaphor for this reunion album.

  2. GBV is reunited? And have a new album out? When did this happen?

    Great clip, tho. I wonder if they were drinking?

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