Our Missing Jay Bennett Interview Is Back

A little housekeeping, folks. When we converted from MovableType to WordPress, it seems we lost some of our early, featured content. We didn’t really “lose” it but we definitely orphaned it. If readers and search engines can’t find it, it’s lost for all intents and purposes.

A reader contacted us last night to point out that they could no longer find our 2002 interview we did with Jay Bennett and the track-by-track listing of his contributions to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. These were major scoops in the early days of GLONO at a time when Wilco and their lackeys were downplaying Bennett’s role in the creation of their masterpiece.

It’s shameful that we let these piece slip through the cracks of a redesign. So now they’re back.

And we still miss Jay Bennett.

2 thoughts on “Our Missing Jay Bennett Interview Is Back”

  1. Just took a look at the track by track breakdown. He was a major player on the recording. Which I guess I knew already, but it comes across more starkly when you read through the list. A tragic ending for a very talented guy.

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