Salty in Austin

Once upon a time, certainly back in 1987, the SXSW event was about music.

Sure, there is still music in Austin today.

But SXSW has changed, as essentially every corporation that can somehow find a tie in manages to be on display.  (Arguably this is done because the people who work at said car makers or consumer electronics companies want to attend so they have cleverly convinced their bosses that it is essential to “connect” with the people who are at SXSW, so they get a full-blown ticket to ride.  Sure, they might have to do some crappy scut work along the way, but given the alternative—as in working in an office—going to Austin is a whole lot better.)

SXSW is now, perhaps, about salty snack food.

Austin may have been known for barbeque.  But Stubb’s might as well give up.

Doritos is the thing.  And it is such a thing that the brand that is under PepsiCo created a 56-foot vending machine as part of the launch of Doritos JACKED.

“Before we bring this amped up Doritos snacking experience to consumers nationwide, we wanted to take it right to our fans here at South by Southwest to try it first,” said Ram Krishnan, vp of marketing, Frito-Lay North America.

Which leads me to wonder: is eating a bag of chips—even a chip that “delivers a one-two punch of intense flavors upfront followed by a twist of spice or tanginess that packs the ultimate crunch”—an experience?  Are you experienced?  Sure, just had some Doritos.

Then who in the world is a “fan” of a snack chip?  Are there people who get together and argue about what’s better, Doritos or Cheetos, sort of like the Beatles vs. Stones?

To be fair, it should be noted that the 56-foot vending machine also serves as the “JACKED Stage by Doritos,” so it will be a concert platform as well as an object that will accept “larger-than-life Doritos-branded quarters.”

Of course it is.

6 thoughts on “Salty in Austin”

  1. My god – satire is useless in this American century. How can you make fun of drones who say things like “amped-up Doritos snacking experience”?

    Unless it is intentionally ironic, maybe? Are the Doritos people secret hipsters?

  2. Stephen, you should have gotten a corporate sponsor of some sort for this piece. The notion of an “amped up Doritos snacking experience” made me throw up a little bit in my mouth. I don’t remember the last time I ate a dorito, and those things are off my lifetime eating list now because they thought calling something “The Jacked Stage” was a good idea. Those guys don’t know jack!

  3. such cynicism. i’m happy to admit, without any irony, that i am a fan of the snack chip. doritos has even held a special place in my musical and snacking history that is cemented in it’s reference by dag nasty in their song “wig out at denko’s”.

    from “wig out at denko’s”:

    Marks’s having a hard time on orange and sunshine
    Hal’s spilling malt liquor on his minor threat sticker
    I’m taking no chances
    No troubles
    No acid
    Let’s wig out at denko’s
    On coke and doritos

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