Ten Questions We Ask Lollapalooza Performers: Anamanaguchi

Lollapalooza is coming up. As always, Glorious Noise will have a posse roaming Grant Park in search of warm felafels and cold beer. Along the way we try to stumble across some good music. There are a lot of bands on the line-up that we don’t know much about. So we threw out some questions to help us all get to know the Lollapalooza line-up.

BOOM. Answered by Anamanaguchi guitarist Ary Warnaar.

1. What’s the best part of playing festivals?

You get to pretend that everyone else on the lineup is opening for you. Black Sabbath is opening for me!!!

2. What’s the worst part of playing festivals?

IDK I don’t have much experience w/ this. What are the bathrooms like?? Porta-pottyz?? I prefer private individual bathrooms I can zone out in.

3. Have you ever attended a music festival as a fan?

I’ve lucked out and ‘attended’ Coachella a few times w/ an artist badge that friends passed me through a fence. This was before they had crazy sensor chips and stuff in the bracelets. I saw Tiesto for my birthday last year at an electronic music festival hahah. It was amazing.

4. Other act(s) you’re most looking forward to seeing at Lollapalooza?

Sabbath, Avicii, Justice, Afghan Whigs, At the Drive-In, M83, Bloc Party (trynna feel like I’m 14 again), Neon Indian, Chairlift, FIDLAR, Porter Robinson, Skream+Benga, Little Dragon, Die Antwoord, JEFF the Brotherhood, Aqua, Eiffel 65, Spice Girls!

5. Who is the worst band/entourage member to sit next to on the van/bus?

Every one has their flaws (stinky farters yelling on the phone sleeping and stuff) so I always drive or be co-pilot. I also have a Vespa (that we tow in our trailer) that I ride along side the van (when i want some fresh air).

6. What’s the last music purchase you paid for with your own money?

We bought a lot pizza from Roberta’s to fuel our recording sessions/creatives juice. I also used someone else’s debit card from https://twitter.com/NeedADebitCard to purchase a Roland JP-8000. ;)

7. What’s your favorite thing about Chicago?

Not the pizza.

8. How has Lollapalooza’s radius clause (no shows within 300 miles six months before and three months after) affected your touring schedule?

I guess we’re not playing in Detroit. IDK it’s NBD TBH.

9. Got anything to say to fans in Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, and Ohio who can’t make it to Lollapalooza?

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppppppp gggggguuuuuuyyyyyyyzzzzzzzzzz
or come see us on the way there or on the way back with hot sugar.
<3 Also if you live on a lake, you should go tubing!!! <3 u !!!!! #FF @anamanaguchi NEXT. 10. Finish this sentence: Perry Farrell is a _________.
cool dad!

Anamanaguchi: Web, Twitter

Playing Friday, August 3 at 1:00 PM on the Google Play stage

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