Ten Questions We Ask Lollapalooza Performers: The Growlers

Lollapalooza is coming up. As always, Glorious Noise will have a posse roaming Grant Park in search of warm felafels and cold beer. Along the way we try to stumble across some good music. There are a lot of bands on the line-up that we don’t know much about. So we threw out some questions to help us all get to know the Lollapalooza line-up.

The Growlers responded.

1. What’s the best part of playing festivals?

The best part of playing festivals is playing music for a large amount of strangers who haven’t yet heard of us. It’s a chance to reach more people and hopefully get their money eventually. And girl watching.

2. What’s the worst part of playing festivals?

The worst part is the hype. It turns playing music into playing sports. And techno sucks and djs get respect for playing iPods.

3. Have you ever attended a music festival as a fan?

Yes, we have all been to many festivals. Kinda obsessed with phish for a while, says Kyle. Humboldt style. Matt hasn’t missed one year at Festival of the Whales. And Scott likes Renaissance Fest for the breast.

4. Other act(s) you’re most looking forward to seeing at Lollapalooza?

Black Keys, Sabbath, Dr. Dog, and ravers.

5. Who is the worst band/entourage member to sit next to on the van/bus?

6. What’s the last music purchase you paid for with your own money?

Just got a mini guitar at thrift shop in Richmond, Virginia for $15. Score.

7. What’s your favorite thing about Chicago?

Evil Vince at Audio Tree is the best thing we found yet. He took us surfing and got us drunk in the morning. He likes Batman, taking photos, smokin’ weed, and long walks on the lake beach.

8. How has Lollapalooza’s radius clause (no shows within 300 miles six months before and three months after) affected your touring schedule?

We played Chicago regardless of the clause. We are to small to effect the fest. Spit in the ocean.

9. Got anything to say to fans in Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, and Ohio who can’t make it to Lollapalooza?

Hello fans who couldn’t make it. Throw a house party and hit us up. If you build it we will come.

10. Finish this sentence: Perry Farrell is a _________.

Oh you mean Peretz Bernstein? He’s handsome.

The Growlers: Web, Twitter

Playing Friday, August 3 at 12:45 PM on the Red Bull Soundstage

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