Watch Howlin’ Wolf get heckled by, berate Son House

Video: Howlin’ Wolf Defines the Blues, “Meet Me In The Bottom”

This is something else! Wolf is patiently trying to explain what the Blues really are, while he’s repeatedly heckled (off-mic, unfortunately) by an apparently loaded Son House. After not too long Wolf has had enough and rips into House.

“You had a chance with your life but you ain’t done nothing with it… See now you don’t love but one thing and that’s some whiskey.” You can hear House arguing something to the effect of “I wants her! Now she ain’t whiskey.”

Wolf then goes into the story behind “Meet Me In The Bottom” and plays a killer version of it. The sax in this jam is so tight, you won’t believe it. I guarantee that sax player had ladies knocking on his door after the show. So cool.

I’ve been getting into Howlin’ Wolf lately, having recently gotten a hold of Smokestack Lightning: The Complete Chess Masters 1951-1960. It’s a great collection.

Found this video via the Hound Blog’s excellent Son House post.

Video: Howlin’ Wolf – “Down In The Bottom”

2 thoughts on “Watch Howlin’ Wolf get heckled by, berate Son House”

  1. Yeah, it almost seems like Wolf feels sorry for House. He seems annoyed but not angry at him.

    Also, I love how tiny his necktie looks on his giant body!

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