Eleven Million Adele Fans Can’t Be Wrong

A couple of years ago, it blew my mind that Adele’s 21 had sold more than 100,000 copies per week for what ended up being 45 weeks by the time I stopped paying attention. Back then 21 had cumulative sales of a little over seven million. Well, guess what: it’s still selling.

Last week Adele’s 21 surpassed 11 million in U.S. sales. This is 189 weeks after it was released, and it has never once fallen out of the Billboard 200. In fact, Billboard‘s Keith Caulfield points out that “It has spent all but 11 of its chart weeks in the top 100.” That’s just bonkers.

It’s the 12th best selling album since Soundscan began tracking sales in 1991:

1. Metallica – self-titled (16.04 million)
2. Shania Twain – Come On Over (15.58 million)
3. Alanis Morissette – Jagged Little Pill (14.95 million)
4. The Beatles – 1 (12.41 million)
5. Backstreet Boys – Millennium (12.25 million)
6. The Bodyguard soundtrack (12.14 million)
7. Santana – Supernatural (11.85 million)
8. Creed – Human Clay (11.69 million)
9. Bob Marley – Legend (11.66 million)
10. ‘N Sync – No Strings Attached (11.16 million)
11. Norah Jones – Come Away With Me (11.02 million)
12. Adele – 21 (11 million)

If you do not already love Adele, and the above photo of her kissing her dachshund doesn’t convince you, I challenge you to watch her NPR Tiny Desk Concert and not change your mind.

“Forgot to take my gloves off! [cackle]” She’s awesome.

If by some slim chance you do not already own this album, you can get it cheap on Amazon. $10 for CD, $11 for a download, and less than $17 for the vinyl.

What could you possibly be waiting for at this point?

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