Glen Campbell’s Last Video: I’m Not Gonna Miss You

The connection between music and memories is as fundamental as that between heart and soul. We write songs about things we’ve done and people we’ve loved and those songs remind us that we are human. To be robbed of either is heartbreaking, to be robbed of both is tragic.

Glen Campbell has been frank about his battle with Alzheimer’s disease. He announced his affliction in 2011 and embarked on a farewell tour—one that he had to take while he still could. If you love songs but aren’t familiar with Campbell’s work then you are missing some of the 20th century’s most endearing music. The towering shadow of his career is summarized in just the opening paragraph of his Wikipedia entry:

Campbell has released more than 70 albums. He has sold 45 million records and accumulated 12 RIAA Gold albums, 4 Platinum albums and 1 Double-Platinum album. He has placed a total of 80 different songs on either the Billboard Country Chart, the Billboard Hot 100, or the Adult Contemporary Chart, 29 in the Top 10 of which 9 peaked at number one on at least one of those charts.

And now he has one more song and album. His 78 years are reflected in this video, his last.

Glen Campbell – “I’m Not Gonna Miss You”

CBS News did a short piece on his final tour that’s worth watching:

And some of our favorites:



5 thoughts on “Glen Campbell’s Last Video: I’m Not Gonna Miss You”

  1. One of my first records was a 45 of “Rhinestone Cowboy” and I can clearly remember sitting on my bedroom floor playing it on my little record player. Over and over. Such a melancholy song. The lyrics are really a bummer if you think about them. But it ultimately sounds uplifting.

  2. The most talented, natural musician of my lifetime. We were huge fans from the 60’s on. Got to see him several time. Even once in Hawaii with the Hawaiian Symphony Orchestra, where he played “Classical Gas” on a 12-string guitar, held over his head. Amazing. Saw his farewell tour in Branson. Tears wouldn’t stay back. Thank Heaven for his musical legacy. But we already miss him.

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