Liz Phair recording new music

Reporting on somebody’s Twitter comments seems a little silly, but I guess GLONO has a long history of writing about musicians’ unofficial announcements (see “Ryan Adams: New Whiskeytown Album?” or “Mooney Suzuki’s Souls Stolen by Satan”). Anyway, it’s 2015 and stalwart old establishments like Billboard and Rolling Stone spend half their time scraping Instagram and Tumblr for juicy celebrity gossip. What once was the domain of bloggers has been co-opted by the major publications and now passes for journalism. So it goes.


It looks like our beloved Liz Phair has been recording new music again!

On April 8, Phair tweeted that “in 3 days I’m going rafting in #GrandCanyon w no wifi, no toilet & no way out.”

She also solicited requests, and said “We’re recording the music.”

Looks like she was off the grid from April 11 through April 21 when she tweeted a bunch of photos of the Grand Canyon and mentioned that “we recorded new songs in amazing locations.”

Then on May 6 she tweeted to Randy Reddig and asked for help remembering lyrics to a song. (“I’m here w Ollie [Oliver Kraus] and Chavez and we’re recording My Pussy”)

By the way, “My Pussy” is one of thirty song titles (jpg) she was prepping back in 2013.

On May 7 she replied to someone’s question about when she was going to release something with “we’re working quickly on finishing #GrandCanyon ep, collection of new material – guitars, cello, percussion.”

So that’s exciting. Hopefully this stuff will get released. We all know she recorded a bunch of songs with Ryan Adams back in 2013 at his PaxAm Studio but she recently told Spin “it never got off the ground. We had different ideas about how to record it, so that just kind of went unlogged.” Cross your fingers that this Grand Canyon material gets…uh…logged.

Liz Phair Grand Canyon Selfie

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