The Charlatans are still around

If you would’ve told me back in 1991 that the Charlatans would still be making music twenty-something years later, I would have scoffed. Back then, as much as I enjoyed their Some Friendly album, it was obvious to anybody reading imported copies of the NME that these guys were total bandwagon-jumping posers. The Stone Roses were the real deal and everybody else was a sad imitation. But time has a funny way shaking things out. So here we are in 2015 and the Charlatans are still touring and releasing albums and making videos.

Video: The Charlatans – “Let The Good Times Be Never Ending”

…in which our boys walk around Japan and show off their terrible haircuts. Modern Nature is out now.

These were the songs I loved back in the day…

Video: The Charlatans – “The Only One I Know”

Video: The Charlatans – “Then”

I think they hold up pretty well. Baggy old Madchester. Good times.

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