New Boss Hog album coming soon: Brood X

Cristina Martinez and Jon Spencer are bringing back their New York art/punk/scuzz band Boss Hog just when we needed them. We hadn’t heard from them since 2000’s Whiteout until they released a four-song EP in July. Along with veterans Jens Jurgensen on bass and Hollis Queens on drums, and newcomer Mickey Finn on keys, they’re releasing the full-length Brood X on March 24 on In The Red. Follow them on Facebook for all the latest revolutionary insurrection.

I’ve always thought Boss Hog was cool. I still have my turntable mat from their eponymous 1995 album even though I got rid of the record years ago. I’m happy to hear they’re still making a ruckus.

And you can stream a couple of songs below…

Brood X track listing
1. Billy
2. Black Eyes
3. Ground Control
4. Shh Shh Shh
5. Signal
6. Rodeo Chica
7. Elevator
8. Formula X
9. Sunday Routine
10. 17

Soundcloud: Boss Hog – “Formula X”

Soundcloud: Boss Hog – “17”

Back in July, Boss Hog performed four songs live in the studio for KEXP to promote the Brood Star EP.

YouTube: Boss Hog – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

Wichita Grey
Winn Coma
Fix Me

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