New Boss Hog video: Shh Shh Shh

Video: Boss Hog – “Shh Shh Shh”

From Brood X, out now on In the Red, although Amazon says April 21. Not sure what’s up with that, but coordinating release dates is tricky.

Cristina Martinez and Jon Spencer are the coolest married couple ever. Watch them creep around a haunted mansion, and if you haven’t read the recent New York Times profile you really should. It’s an illuminating look into their domestic life where Martinez has a day job at Bon Appétit magazine and Spencer bakes chocolate-chip cookies.

From that Times profile:

At the end of the night, after Ms. Martinez jokingly complained for maybe the third time about people talking on their phones on the bus, Mr. Spencer encouraged her to explain her preoccupation with the M15 line. “I’ve been taking the bus because I’ve been getting radiation therapy at Memorial Sloan Kettering,” she said, after successful surgery for early-stage breast cancer in December. “It’s still scary,” she added. “As you grow older, you become more aware of how you want to live, and you become less afraid. Little things fall by the wayside.”

“That’s why I bake cookies,” Mr. Spencer added. “I’m just trying to make things a little bit better.”

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