New Dream Wife video: Let’s Make Out

Video: Dream Wife – “Let’s Make Out”

From Dream Wife, out January 26 on Lucky Number.

Meet me by the car
Cause it’s not parked very far
We’re spending time
And we’re wasting our youth

I like Rakel Mjöll’s phrasing, how she crams a bunch of words into the end of each line in the verse. And the video is way more fun than any formal dance I ever attended. Then again, my prom was held in an era when teenagers were taught that sex could kill you and it was a girl’s responsibility to fend off a boy’s natural impulses. Seems like kids are having a better time of it these days.

London-based and British/Icelandic-born Dream Wife explains the video: “Let’s Make Out is a lighthearted celebration of sexuality. Women are and have a right to be sexual beings. The video is silly, hedonistic and really fun. There is no shame in sexuality, there is no shame in fun. But remember; consent is key.”

Lights out.

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