New Elf Power video: Halloween Out Walking

Video: Elf Power – “Halloween Out Walking”

From Twitching in Time, out now on Orange Twin Records.

Hard to believe these Elephant Sixers have been going at it for over twenty years now. Good for them, though, as long as they keep making good psychedelic folk music like this. The video answers the age-old question: What would happen if you bring a Wubble to a baseball diamond? I’m rather shocked it didn’t just immediately pop the instant it touched the gravel.

Here’s another song from Twitching in Time.

Video: Elf Power – “Watery Shreds”

And here’s my favorite 20-year-old Elf Power song.

Audio: Elf Power – “The Arrow Flies Close”

From When the Red King Comes, 1997, Arena Rock Recording Company.

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