New Grandaddy video: Brush with the Wild

Video: Grandaddy – “Brush with the Wild”

From Last Place, out now on 30th Century/Columbia.

Gee, blink and you miss a whole album rollout from one of your favorite bands. This is the fourth single released from Last Place but it’s the first I’ve heard. And it’s great! All the chugging synths, crunchy guitars, and sad lyrics you expect from Grandaddy. What have I been missing? Glad to have them back.

Via NPR.

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And here’s the first song I heard by these guys:

Video: Grandaddy – “The Crystal Lake”

From The Sophtware Slump, released in 2000 on V2. I was on a road trip, can’t remember exactly where, but it was very late and we had the radio on, tuned into one of those hip new NPR shows that were around at the turn of the century, and they played this song. The next day we found the closest record store and bought the CD. At least that’s how I remember it 17 years later…

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