New GWAR video: Fuck This Place

Video: GWAR – “Fuck This Place”

From The Blood of Gods, out October 20 on Metal Blade Records.

Remember Coq Roq? If you don’t, they were a fake band made up by Burger King to sell “chicken fries.” In retrospect this seems preposterous if not insane, but it really happened. They kind of looked (and sounded) like GWAR, so much so that they got sued by Slipknot for stealing their shtick. These were the days when a dopey link on a blog would generate 138 comments from angry fans. So much fun.

Anyway, Coq Roq is gone but GWAR is still around. When they’re not busy disemboweling effigies of our orange fuhrer on stage, they’ve been recording a new album. It’s their first without frontmonster Oderus Urungus, who died of a heroin overdose in 2014. “Fuck This Place” is a tribute: “Oderus, you left us stranded on this world of pus / And in death you have forsaken us / This planet fucking sucks!” Can’t really argue with that.

GWAR plays Riot Fest at 7:15 PM on Sunday, September 17.

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