New Liam Gallagher video: Wall Of Glass

Video: Liam Gallagher – “Wall Of Glass”

I am an unapologetic fan of Oasis. I like a little attitude in my rock and roll and the Gallagher brothers deliver that by the truckload. Noel’s clearly the funnier of the two (and funnier than pretty much everyone), but the younger Liam wins on pure shit-eating grin attitude. His stance alone tells you all you need to know about him, and it’s that trademark posture that takes center stage in the new video, “Wall of Glass” for his debut solo track.

Because he’s Liam Fucking Gallagher, there’s no need for a plot or a narrative in this stylized video full of blinking lights, seedy hotel lobbies and a hall of mirrors. What does it mean? Nothing! The director knows what he has to work with and just sets our kid up in different situations in which to be snotty. And let’s be clear: he delivers.

More importantly, this is the best track Liam Gallagher has released since “The Shock of the Lightning” from Oasis’ final album, Dig Out your Soul in 2008. There were a number of tracks I liked from Liam’s first venture out sans The Chief, Beady Eye, but this track has the right combo of hooks and instrumentation to cut through the noise that makes for a great Gallagher Bros. track.

“Wall Of Glass” is the first track to preview his forthcoming album As You Were, due in October on Parlophone/Warner Brothers.

Liam Gallagher is on tour now, which opened with a sold out homecoming show at Manchester’s O2 Ritz – all profits from which were donated to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund, organized by Manchester City Council in partnership with the British Red Cross. Watch footage from the show HERE and some dude streamed most of the show from the crowd HERE.

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  1. This Vogue interview is pretty great:

    I’m not really a big fan of videos—I find them very odd. I don’t mind doing ones where you’re playing with a band and you’re just fucking singing, but when it’s just you on your own, I find it a bit weird. We’re just trying to make something that looks cool—no story to it, really. When we first sat down to talk about it, I definitely wanted mirrors and a wall of glass, but I just said, “Look, just try and make it fucking look cool, like some kind of Bruce Lee thing, like Game of Death and that, but once you’ve done that shot we’ve got to move on to something else.”

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