New Micah Schnabel video: The Interview

Video: Micah Schnabel – “The Interview”

The internet is failing me lately. I didn’t realize that Micah Schnabel of Two Cow Garage had a new solo album out until I heard a song on satellite radio in the car. That’s not how this is supposed to work, guys. I should know about these things before the dorky programmers for “The Spectrum” (the channel for old white guys like me who still care about guitar music).

The song I heard was “Oh, What a Bummer” and it’s really great. Like all of Schnabel’s best music, both solo and with Two Cow, it makes you sad and it makes you smile. And you end up just wanting to give the kid a hug and buy an extra t-shirt from him so hopefully he can spend the night in a motel instead of his van after the show. “My parents still buy me my socks and underwear for Christmas / Want a tattoo on my face but it would break my mother’s heart / And I’m trying to act natural, can you tell that I am nervous? / I’m just trying to make it through this life without falling apart.”

Of all the bands we’ve championed here on Glorious Noise over the past 16 years, I can’t think of any that deserve wider recognition as much as Micah Schnabel and his Two Cow Garage. I don’t know of any musician who has worked harder, toured more relentlessly, or written half as many heartbreaking, ass-kicking, bottle-waving, righteous shitkickers as Micah Schnabel has in the 14 years we’ve been following him. If you like having good things in the world, support them however you can.

“The Interview” is a spoken word piece about the trials and tribulations of a struggling artist. The video is a spooky animation created by Charly Fasano. Your New Norman Rockwell is out now on Last Chance Records.

Micah Schnabel: bandcamp, twitter, fb, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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