New Sloan Peterson video: Rats

Video: Sloan Peterson – “Rats”

Why are Australians so cool? Courtney Barnett, Nick Cave, Men at Work, Crocodile Dundee, Olivia Newton John, Bon Scott. You know? It’s crazy.

And there might be one more for that list: Sloan Peterson. That’s not her real name, of course. Sloane Peterson was Ferris Bueller’s girlfriend. This Sloan Peterson looks like a 1990s Calvin Klein ad and sounds like she’d stick you with a switchblade.

I’m a sucker for any song with chugging guitars and an “ooh ooh wee ooh” intro. It’s little surfy, sort of Pixies-ish, maybe via early Weezer. “No future, no mind / You’re not one of a kind.” Her voice is squeaky but serious. “I’m by your side / And I love you dearly.” She wrote it “for any one who has ever struggled with crippling anxiety, or the feeling of being alone. I wrote It when I was 17, a super hyperactive crazy teenager trying to start over in a new city by myself.”

The single is out now on Mirror Records. Her debut EP is due September 8.

Sloan Peterson: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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