New Son Volt video: Back Against the Wall

Video: Son Volt – “Back Against The Wall”

From Notes of Blue, out now on their own Transmit Sound label.

The best thing about this video besides the gnarly Dustbowl-era footage is Jay Farrar’s badass sideburns. I can’t think of a more overtly political Son Volt song. Then again, it’s easy to hear everything as a topical statement these days…

All the signs say pick up the pieces
All the signs say make a stand as one
What survives the long cold winter
Will be stronger and can’t be undone

I still love this band. It’s always reassuring to hear Farrar’s voice. I wonder why he hasn’t played lead guitar since the Uncle Tupelo days? Do you think he misses it? He had a unique style. Oh well. People change. So it goes.

Here are a few live clips from a recent Son Volt appearance on CBS This Morning’s Saturday Sessions.

Video: Son Volt – “Promise the World” (live on CBS Saturday Sessions)

Video: Son Volt – “Lost Souls” (live on CBS Saturday Sessions)

Video: Son Volt – “Back Against the Wall” (live on CBS Saturday Sessions)

A commenter on YouTube pointed out that a lot of the Dustbowl footage in the video comes from the 1936 New Deal documentary film, The Plow That Broke the Plains, directed by Pare Lorentz and sponsored by the Resettlement Administration.

Documentary: The Plow That Broke the Plains

And lastly, the title of this song reminded of my favorite Two Cow Garage album, The Wall Against Our Back (2004), which is an overlooked classic and a real buried treasure.

Audio: Two Cow Garage – “The Wall Against Our Backs”

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