New St. Vincent video: Los Ageless

Video: St. Vincent – “Los Ageless”

From MASSEDUCTION, out October 13 on Loma Vista.

That’s Spanglish for “ones who don’t age” in case you were wondering. In her previous single, Annie Clark warned us that she was going to “trade our hood for some Hollywood,” and now here she is: in the city where “the winter never comes.” Boo!

L.A. sucks and everybody knows it. But if it’s inspiring this kind of material then I’m happy she ended up there. Because “Los Ageless” kicks ass.

The last days of the Sunset superstars
Girls in cages playing their guitars
But how can I leave?

There’s not a ton of Clark’s distinctive guitar on this track, but what’s here is badass. Fuzzed out beyond recognition and gnarly.

And how great an actor is she! There’s more subtle expression in her eyelids and brows than I’ve seen in Oscar winning performances. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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