New War on Drugs video: Pain

Video: The War on Drugs – “Pain”

From A Deeper Understanding, out now on Atlantic.

I’m not sure about this. Sounds a little too much like a Don Henley song for me. Am I crazy? I’ve got nothing against bands signing to a major label and trying to gain a larger audience, but something about the production of this (is it the drums? the chorus effect on the guitars?) just sounds like somebody trying to get something on the radio in 1987. Did Ryan Adams produce it? I dunno. The fuzzed out guitar solos at the end are pretty cool, but this song isn’t doing it for me.

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One thought on “New War on Drugs video: Pain”

  1. Not crazy. Slave Ambient was a great album, but I guess it was a fluke. Not sure what happened, but they went from really interesting to generic and unlistenable.

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