New Werewolf Diskdrive video: Beepers & Beepers

Video: Werewolf Diskdrive – “Beepers & Beepers”

From Werewolf Diskdrive, out now on Werewolf Diskdrive.

This is stupid but it’s good. There’s apparently a backstory about finding a hard drive in dumpster, but who cares? Just listen. If you dug Beck’s Mellow Gold-era b-sides, you’ll appreciate “Beepers & Beepers.”

Werewolf Diskdrive is the new project from Say Hi (To Your Mom)’s Eric Elbogen. The album has “just been released worldwide digitally (and on hand-burned artisanal compact disc).” Reminds me a bit — not musically — of our experience of receiving Deepgrave min og dog’s CD-R in the old P.O. box back in 2003. I hope more bands produce “hand-burned artisanal compact discs.” Way cooler than the godforsaken cassette revival.

Werewolf Diskdrive: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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