New Wilder Maker video: Only Child

Video: Wilder Maker – “Only Child”

From the New Streets 7″, out now on Saddle Creek.

I like this song. It’s got cool guitar tones and an easy listening, lite rock vibe that works nicely with the boy/girl vocals and lyrics about “ice cream on the porch swing” and staying up too late, “the world on my screen.”

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Wilder Maker’s Gabriel Birnbaum says, “The video was inspired by a Gram Parsons tv appearance. Playful and self-aware, clueing in the audience that everybody’s in on the joke of the lip-sync performance. The song has a very 1970s vibe so we dug out our tropical fruit and bellbottoms. We rented a boat but it starting pouring, so the interior of the ‘River Princess’ became home to a single, composed take that stretched the entire length of the song. An improvisation born out of necessity. The video connects to the song in feeling more than fact – the song uses dreamy, dated ’70s decor to access real emotion without being too heavy handed about it, and the video uses the houseboat and fur coats and sunglasses to pretend to be ‘entertainers’ without feeling crass, which lets us be entertaining (I hope).”

Here’s the Gram Parsons video I assume they’re referencing…

Video: The Flying Burrito Brothers – “Older Guys”

Update: I just got word from the band that this is actually the video they were referencing…

Video: The Flying Burrito Brothers – “Hot Burrito #1”

But they’re not on a boat in that one. Regardless, any excuse to post more Gram goodness is fine with me!

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