50 Years Ago in Rolling Stone: Issue 14

Rolling Stone issue #14 had a cover date of July 20, 1968. 24 pages. 35 cents. Cover photo of Frank Zappa by Barry Wolman.

Features: The Rolling Stone Interview with Frank Zappa by Jerry Hopkins; “Dionne Warwick Makes New Plans: Movie and a Gospel Album” by Sue C. Clark; “A Friendly Tribute for Ramblin’ [Jack Elliott] Charles Adnopoz” by Barry Gifford; “Rock Musicals: The Hippies Are from Time Magazine” by Tom Phillips; Richie Havens by Steve Glazier.

News: Apple on Capitol; Stones Studio Fire; Jazz Guitarist Wes Montgomery Dies; Beatles To Do Three LP-Set?; Clapton Acquitted on Dope Charges; Stones Do Film with Goddard; Beatle George Visits Los Angeles.

Columns: Jon Landau on what’s wrong with Rock “Art” (“Most rock and roll musicians are banal, amateurish and insipidly stupid when they try to express their philosophy of life in the context of popular music.”); Perspectives by Ralph J. Gleason (“San Francisco and the Stars”); the John J. Rock column was guest-written by Arthur Hoppe (“Sir Walter Raleigh’s Historic Mistake”).

Full-page ads: West by West on Epic; Buff Sainte-Marie on Vanguard; Tape from California by Phil Ochs on A&M; Johnny Cash Live at Folsom Prison on Columbia; Hair original Broadway cast recording on RCA; The United States of America by the United States of America on Columbia. There was also an additional Rolling Stone subscription ad featuring the following quote from the 2/29/68 Tempo Newsletter: “Rolling Stone is well on its way to becoming the most influential publication dealing with popular music.”

More ads: Chrysalis by Chrysalis on MGM; Housing Project by John Hartford on RCA Victor; Dionne Warwick on Scepter; Blues Bash at the Fillmore.

Reviews: Wheels of Fire by Cream on Atco (by Jann Wenner); I’m Gonna Be a Country Girl Again by Buffy-Sainte Marie on Vanguard (by Barry Gifford); Like to Get to Know You by Spanky and Our Gang on Mercury and The National Gallery on Phillips (by Jim Miller); Creedence Clearwater Revival by Creedence Clearwater Revival on Fantasy (by Barry Gifford).

Subscription offer: New subscribers could get a free copy of God Bless Tiny Tim (with 50 cents for shipping and handling). $6 for 26 issues (up from $5); $10 for 52 (unchanged).

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