New Alice Merton video: Why So Serious

Video: Alice Merton – “Why So Serious”

From Mint, due January 18, 2019. Single out now.

I like Alice Merton. In an interview with Billboard she talked about how labels and radio people tried to get her to change her sound, but she stubbornly refused and pitched directly to blogs and Spotify and the labels and radio eventually came around.

Try to learn to let go of all those things that tie you down
Get rid of it, the voice inside that tells me that
I’m scared, yeah, scared as shit
But I wanna let go of it now

When she posted this song on Instagram she said, “I sometimes need to remind myself to take a step back from everything and look at the big picture…which is pretty nice if you ask me.”

Optimism is a hard sell these days. But I guess it’s refreshing that someone’s trying to find the bright side.

Alice Merton: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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