New Bandicoots video: Shady Lane

Video: The Bandicoots – “Shady Lane”

Video by Austin Blackmore. Single out now.

You know what they say about the 70s: If you remember them, you weren’t there. Well, this Hamilton, Ontario quartet was definitely not there and I’m not sure what they think the 70s where all about, but this ain’t it, despite the ridiculous story they tell in the press release accompanying this song.

What The Bandicoots do know how to do is write a clever pop song. Maybe they got their vision of the 70s via The Arctic Monkeys, who have also dabbled a bit in the fashion, if not the music, of that decade? Because “Shady Lane” could easily be an outtake or companion piece to one their early story-songs like “Mardy Bum” or “Fake Tales of San Francisco.”

I look forward to hearing more from these guys and would be happy to help them discover the 70s with a marathon viewing of Dennis Hopper’s The American Dreamer and a rack of Harvey Wallbangers.

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