New Breeders video: Nervous Mary

Video: The Breeders – “Nervous Mary”

From All Nerve, out now on 4AD.

Kim and Kelley Deal are so cool. Check them out.

In the middle of a busy street in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, The Breeders took a brief break from touring to shoot a homemade video for ‘Nervous Mary’, from their 2018 album, All Nerve. Puppet versions of Kim and Kelley Deal – dressed in custom-knitted outfits made by Finnish fan and professional puppet-maker Milla Risku – go wild performing the song as their real-life counterparts sing live vocals off camera.

“Nervous Mary” is the story of an escaped farm animal.

Road goat
Run but she never got away
Hot road
Nervous Mary had a nervous day

Have you ever seen a wild animal running down a busy freeway? They look so terrified. These puppets, on the other hand, do not look scared at all.

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