New Chuck D video: TiredOf45

Video: Chuck D – “TiredOf45”

Directed by David C. Snyder. From Celebration of Ignorance, out now on SpitSLAM.

Like Chuck D, I too am tired of our orange fuhrer…to put it mildly. But I don’t quite get why Chuck is putting it as mildly as he is in this song. He’s no stranger to bold statements, so why’s he going soft on the most dangerous president this country has seen in our lifetime?

I guess it’s more a celebration of Lebron James than it is a condemnation of Trump, but still. Even the chorus (“Lebron building schools, 45 building walls”) is too easy. I mean, come on, he was harder on Elvis who never hurt anybody than he is on the man who is undermining democracy. Maybe things are so awful right now that even the great Chuck D has a hard time articulating it?

Promises promises
Now we missin Obamas
Now this guy 45
I wanna rush em like Thurman Thomas

Because I am a dork I had to google “Thurman Thomas” who turns out to be an NFL running back known for his rushing in the 1990s.

So let’s all hope we can make it through the current administration’s defensive line and move the ball of justice forward! Or something like that. Anyway, fight the power.

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