New Del the Funky Homosapien video: Help

Video: Del + Amp Live – “Help” (ft. Adult Karate)

Directed by Anthony Cole. From Gate 13, out now on IOT Records.

Del the Funky Homosapien was hurt pretty bad earlier this month when he fell off the stage while performing with the Gorillaz in Denmark. He posted a message to Twitter on July 12 saying he was getting better and then released a video for the second single from Gate 13, his collaboration with producer Amp Live.

“Help” features a chorus sung by Adult Karate and opera vocals by Andrea Blunt.

“More than any other song on the album, Help was the song that we wanted to make sure had the biggest impact in terms of message. So its visual interpretation was important. The Help video represents the struggle that many people are having right now with differentiating between an act and reality. A young Del in 2018 quickly grows into his present self and we are seeing the journey he has to take in discovering who he is. The final destination is his big awakening.”

And yet the video omits the second verse of the song. What’s up with that? The second verse is good as the first with the intricate and unconventional rhyming that Del is known for.

They get the foot in the door, I’ma slam it shut
Tryin’ to break their ankle, thank you, don’t try to cut
You stay in line, you wait in line
Take a number, be patient, don’t blame the line
Don’t blame the game, ain’t nothin’ wrong with the game

That’s right, people. The rules have changed in 2018: Don’t hate the game, anymore. Hate the player.

And watch out for the edge of the stage! That first step is a doozy.

Del + Amp Live: web.

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Audio: Del + Amp Live – “Help” (ft. Adult Karate)

From Gate 13, out now on IOT Records.

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