New Frankie Cosmos video: Apathy

Video: Frankie Cosmos – “Apathy”

Directed by Tom Scharpling. From Vessel, out now on Sub Pop.

This video is funny. Greta Kline says, “I am a huge fan of Tom Scharpling’s work and was so thrilled that we got to work together on this video. I trusted him entirely and just wanted to let Tom and his team do their thing. We had so much fun making it… I was laughing so much that it probably took much longer than it should have to shoot my parts.”

Picking a unique band name is hard. Back in 2004, shortly after we released the second album on our label, Riviera’s At the End of the American Century, a different band calling themselves Riviera popped up out of Germany and started trying to sabotage our Riviera’s profile. The whole thing seems ridiculous in retrospect, especially since at least two more bands named Riviera have formed after that and continue to battle for dominance. The best part is that the most recent Riviera kind of looks like the “other band” in the Frankie Cosmos video. Dorks. Our Riviera, sadly, is now defunct and they even let their domain name expire, which breaks my heart. But hey, it was a good run.

And remember: Don’t mess with Greta Kline. She’s packing steel.

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