New J Mascis video: Elastic Days

Video: J Mascis – “Elastic Days” (ft. Dina Martina)

Directed by: Shane Wahlund & Michael Anderson. From Elastic Days, out now on Sub Pop.

How great is J Mascis? Doesn’t his voice just make you feel like you’re in college? It’s perfect this time of year, too, when the world is hushed by a blanket of snow. His solo stuff that he’s been releasing on Sub Pop since 2011’s Several Shades of Why has been so good. It’s still fun to destroy your eardrums with Dinosaur Jr, but it’s nice to be able to chill out with this mostly acoustic solo material as well.

Then the wheels came off, I don’t know what to say
It all made some sense if you know what to play
But I lost the plot of all elastic, all elastic day

The absurd video features “tragic singer, horrible dancer and surreal raconteur” Dina Martina lip syncing the song.

Mascis said, “I’ve been a big Dina Martina fan for a long time. I’ve seen her perform many times over the years. I’m glad that I got her to do this video before she becomes an untouchable superstar. I am amazed at how the video came out, I’m so psyched.”


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