New Janelle Monae video: Make Me Feel

Video: Janelle Monáe – “Make Me Feel”

Janelle Monáe – Make Me Feel [Official Music Video]

Directed by Alan Ferguson. From Dirty Computer, out April 27 on Bad Boy/Atlantic.

It takes about a minute and a half before the guitar kicks in on this jam, but once it does…oh boy! Have you been missing Prince? I sure have. But as soon as “Make Me Feel” got to the chorus, it was like a familiar wave of pleasure washed over me. It’s so good. The only thing that could make it better would be an extended remix that just goes into a super long guitar solo and dance party at the end of the original version.

There is speculation that Prince had been working with Monae on her new album before he died in 2016. Who knows? No matter what, “Make Me Feel” is a better tribute to his Purple Badness than a dopey inflatable guitar.

Thanks to Bill Werde for turning me on to this jam.

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Video: Janelle Monáe – “Django Jane”

Janelle Monáe – Django Jane [Official Music Video]

Directed by Andrew Donoho. From Dirty Computer, out April 27 on Bad Boy/Atlantic.

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