New Jon Spencer video: I Got The Hits

Video: Jon Spencer – “I Got The Hits”

Directed by Alex Italics. From Spencer Sings the Hits, due November 2 on In The Red Records.

I love bands with a little attitude. I mean, this is rock and roll, man! There is NO room for pussy footin’. One of the things that first drew me to Jon Spencer was that he called his band the Blues Explosion and commanded you to “take a whiff of my pant leg, baby.” That’s ludicrous and audacious and just the thing we need!

As Spencer says in the video, “I got it all, baby!” But hits are not among them, not if we think of them in terms of record sales and cultural impact. No, guys like Ed Sheeran have hits, and God bless him for them. But Jon Spencer doesn’t give a shit about that. He’ll look you dead in the eye and tell you he’s got the hits! And by God, you better believe him or you’ll be taking more than a whiff of his pant leg!

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