New Jonathan Wilson video: There’s a Light

Video: Jonathan Wilson – “There’s a Light”

Directed by Grant James. From Rare Birds, out now on Bella Union.

This song is a lot better than the last one we covered. It still has a bit of that End of the Innocence sheen that hampered the recent War on Drugs stuff, but at least “There’s a Light” is catchy. And you can’t go wrong with pedal steel.

There is inspiration
In everyone you meet
Every human being on the street
They all sing a special song
And when you sing along
You are this for them
One note will start the feeling

That might sound like a bunch of hippie drivel, but maybe that’s exactly what we need right now. In a time when the forces of power are emphasizing and manipulating all the differences between everybody, it’s more and more important to focus on what we have in common.

Hey man, it’s overdue.

Note: This video was filmed with “obsolete Japanese Broadcast video cameras.” And all the visual effects were “generated through analog feedback processing.” Cool.

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