New Juliana Hatfield video: Lost Ship

Video: Juliana Hatfield – “Lost Ship”

Directed by Rachel Lichtman. From Weird, due January 18 on American Laundromat.

Cool original new song from Juliana Hatfield fresh on the heels of her Olivia Newton-John cover album. She never stops working!

Hatfield told Vanyaland, “Rachel Lichtman of the awesome Network 77 hipped me to this place called Deer Island in Winthrop, Massachusetts and we shot the video there. It’s right in my backyard, practically, but I had never been there before. It was such a cool sci-fi setting, with the wind and those gigantic egg-shaped structures which are part of the waste treatment facility out there. Rachel made this a beautiful haunting video.”

Directed Lichtman added, “I feel like Juliana and I created something that so beautifully captures the powerful freedom of the chosen isolation described in ‘Lost Ship.’ Juliana seems a futuristic goddess, luxuriously alone, atop what looks like the remnants of the industrialized world; she’s not bothered or indebted or compromised. We shot it just the two of us on the last warm day of summer, and I think that energy translates through and captures the essence of this brilliant song.”

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