New Lana Del Rey video: Mariners Apartment Complex

Video: Lana Del Rey – “Mariners Apartment Complex”

Single out now on Interscope.

Like a lot of grumpy dudes I was initially put off by Lana Del Rey because of some atavistic ideas about authenticity. I was swayed by the bullshit narrative that she was just an opportunistic phony.

A couple things helped me change my perspective. First was an interview she did with VH1’s Mark Graham where she came across as a totally normal girl. The best part is where she’s laughing off not being invited to play Coachella (“I just stand there and sing…”) and Graham replies, “Totally their loss,” and she giggles and replies, “Aww thanks Grambo,” addressing him by his online handle (@unclegrambo).

The second thing was an article in Spin by Jessica Hopper that forced me to re-evaluate a lot of my ingrained attitudes about women in music, “selling out,” indie vs. pop, etc.

The issue with Lana Del Rey is not whether she is some corporate test-tubed ingénue, but why we are unwilling to believe that she is animated by her own passion and ambition — and why that makes a hot girl so unattractive.

Why indeed? That attitude is outdated and uncool. So, thankfully, now I’ve come around to the idea that passionate and ambitious hot girls are super attractive! Seriously though. Authenticity in music is a dumb thing to get worked up about. Especially from guys (like me) who love the White Stripes and the Ramones and the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.

So anyway, new Lana Del Rey!

They mistook my kindness for weakness
I fucked up, I know that, but Jesus
Can’t a girl just do the best she can?

Whoa. That’s what it all comes down to, isn’t it? That’s a heavy duty lyric.

Although “Mariners Apartment Complex” was co-written with Jack Antonoff you can tell she’s pals with Jonathan Wilson and Josh Tillman. It’s got that stony Los Angeles canyon vibe.

Still don’t love how she randomly lapses into baby talk vocals, but I guess that’s her thing so whatever. You do you, Lana Del Rey!

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Video: Lana Del Rey – “Venice Bitch”

Single out now on Interscope.

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