New Le Butcherettes video: Father/Elohim

Video: Le Butcherettes – “father/ELOHIM”

Directed by Gus Black. From bi/MENTAL, due February 1 on Rise Records.

Your name is father, my name is Elohim
Let us start once where we finished off
Every night I praised you, carried you within a prayer
Found myself alone and so full of fright
and still they wanna fuck with us some more.

I can’t tell if this is sacrilegious or reverential, but either way it’s pretty powerful.

Teri Gender Bender says, “Essentially, this record was inspired by the death of a living mother but none of that matters anymore. A disconnection in itself is so ravage so confusing it leaves one feeling incomplete… Is there hope? Is there light? Maybe it all isn’t so black and white. In the end there is a Duality in All. Life is a cycle, the moon, the sun, the ocean waves transcending into sand. It will be okay.”

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