New Margo Price video: All American Made

Video: Margo Price – “All American Made”

Directed by Kimberly Stuckwisch. From All American Made, out now on Third Man Records.

This is a powerful song. Consumerism disguised as patriotism and the twisted reality of the source of many of our problems.

I have been all over but I can’t help feeling stuck
Something in my bloodline or something in my gut
Says go to California in a rusted pickup truck
That’s all American made

Price said, “We actually wrote that song during the Obama administration, but it really altered meaning for me on the day Trump was elected. That song embodies the good and the bad in the ugly in this country. America is so beautiful to me, but it’s in a really hard spot right now. I feel like I was one of the first and only country artists to speak out so openly against Trump, and I had a lot of people tell me I shouldn’t be giving my opinion, but as far as I’m concerned, there’s not a lot of doubt about the difference between right and wrong.”

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