New Monnone Alone video: Cut Knuckle

Video: Monnone Alone – “Cut Knuckle”

Directed by Lehmann B. Smith. From Summer of the Mosquito, out in 2019 on Lost and Lonesome.

Mark Monnone has been releasing stuff as Monnone Alone since his former band the Lucksmiths broke up. Last year he collaborated with a couple former Luckies as Last Leaves, but now it looks like he’s back to his solo project.

Monnone is the guy who wrote one of the Lucksmiths’ most beloved songs, “T-Shirt Weather,” and he brings that jangly sensibility to this new song as well.

The video features a ridiculous trip down a storm water drainage tunnel.

Monnone says, “I asked Lehmann to make me a video for our song ‘Cut Knuckle’ and unbelievably he said yes. He also said that I’d be bound in rope for an entire day and who could say no to that? One thing that struck me, as well as the close attention he paid to setting up the storyboard and other pre-production things, was Lehmann’s complete disregard for workplace safety and the continual threat to human life.”

Well done!

We interviewed Mark Monnone way back in 2002: Perfect in the Summertime: Lucksmiths Interview by Helen Wilson.

Monnone Alone: bandcamp, fb, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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