New Quasar Wut-Wut video: Mandatory Days

Video: Quasar Wut-Wut – “Mandatory Days”

From Digesting Mirror, out sometime this year (hopefully).

We love Quasar Wut-Wut. A lot. So much that we dumped our early 2000’s fortune into launching a record label to put out their brilliant album, Taro Sound. And let me tell you, there was a time when websites like this made money! But a Zug is as good a nod from a blind horse and this was a better investment than most so we’re all good.

We love Quasar Wut-Wut so much that we wait and wait and wait and wait for their next call and when that phone finally rings it’s usually a prank call. But we giggle and preen and appreciate the attention.

“Mandatory Days” is a great example of why we put up with it all. It’s spooky and catchy. It’s strange and familiar. It’s dropsy and snide. Accompanied by a video that reminds us that the long slog of time degrades and morphs unrecognizable, it’s comforting to know the band we love is still out there. Somewhere. And we’ll be waiting.

Quasar Wut-Wut: web, bandcamp, fb, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

[Editor’s note: GLONO HQ received an advanced copy of Digesting Mirror on vinyl so we can assure everybody that it does indeed exist in the physical realm. We’re still waiting for an official announcement of a release date and show, but the band promises it’s coming. -ed.]

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