New Willie Nelson video: Last Man Standing

Video: Willie Nelson – “Last Man Standing”

From Last Man Standing, out April 27 on Sony Legacy.

Willie’s getting old, man! He somehow seemed to stay looking about 40 years old from 1979 to some time in the early 2000s, but dang. Those years have caught up to him. For the record he’s almost 85 and he’s doing a whole lot better than Kirk Douglas. But the grim reaper is knocking on Willie’s door and he knows it.

It’s gettin’ hard to watch my pals check out
Cuts like a wore out knife
One thing I learned about runnin’ the road
Is “forever” don’t apply to life
Waylon and Ray and Merle and old Norro
Lived just as fast as me
I still got a lotta good friends left
And I wonder who the next will be

Let him know you appreciate him while you’ve still got time. As I said after I read his biography by Joe Nick Patoski, Willie is as close to the Buddha as this country is every going to produce.

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