New Willie Nelson video: Me and You

Video: Willie Nelson – “Me and You”

From Last Man Standing, out April 27 on Sony Legacy.

Willie Nelson is such a national treasure that he can release two videos that are exactly the same for two different songs and that’s fine. The director wasn’t even like, “Hey Willie, let’s try a different flannel for this one.” Who cares?

Turn the sound down on my TV
I just can’t listen any more
It’s like I’m in some foreign country
That I’ve never seen before

Even more than the previous single, this one sounds like classic Willie. You put Mickey Raphael’s harmonica together in a studio with Willie and Trigger, and it’s going to have a distinct sound. And it’s a sound that has soothed me all my life. My dad loved Willie and Waylon and the boys and this music will always conjure up the seventies to me. Hazy sunlight shining through velvet curtains, cigarette smoke hanging in the air of my living room. Me, playing with Hot Wheels and Legos on the green shag carpet. Records stacked on the turntable. Forty years later and I can still smell and feel everything about it.

Willie Nelson has seen a lot over the years. I love the fact that he’s holding an iPhone at the start of this video. “The world has gone out of its mind except for me and you.” His mind is clearly still as sharp as his voice and his guitar picking.

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