New Wye Oak video: It Was Not Natural

Video: Wye Oak – “It Was Not Natural”

Directed by Dan Huiting. From The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs, out now on Merge Records.

There’s a photo of a Datsun 240-Z tucked into the corner of the mirror on the vanity in this video. My mom had that car when I was a toddler. In 1976 she upgraded to the 280-Z and that’s the car I remember from my entire childhood. Parents today talk about how we never had car seats when we were kids; well I didn’t even have a seat! The Z was a two-seater and I just rolled around in the hatchback. It was awesome!

My mom gave that car to me after college and I shamefully drove it into the ground. I eventually sold it and bought a Toyota Corolla, which, looking back, is disgraceful.

Jenn Wasner told Drowned in Sound: “This is a story about finding an object of uncertain origin whilst walking through the woods. Or, if you’d rather: it’s about exploring the space between the things that we are socialized to believe about ourselves, and the actual truth of our natures, for better and for worse. And it’s about learning how to push the limits of the systems we’ve put in place to help ourselves make sense of chaos.”

My foot uncovers
What my heart wishes is a treasure
Seemingly foreign
But somehow still it is familiar
It could be amber
It could be animal or antler

Sometimes we don’t recognize what a treasure something is until it’s gone.

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