The Regrettes play Kimmel and Sound Opinions

Video: The Regrettes – “Come Through” (live on Kimmel)

From the Attention Seeker EP, out now on Warner Bros.

The night before they played Coachella, my favorite band the Regrettes stopped by Jimmy Kimmel’s to play a couple songs for his studio audience. Both “Come Through” and “Red Light” are from their new Attention Seeker EP, which also features a cover of “Teenager in Love” and a couple acoustic versions of songs from last year’s Feel Your Feelings, Fool!

Not only that, but the band was also featured on a recent episode of WBEZ’s Sound Opinions where they were interviewed by Greg Kot and played a short acoustic set including “Juicebox Baby” and “Pale Skin.”

Lydia Night reveals that her previous band, a two-piece collaboration with drummer Marlhy Murphy, split up due to Murphy’s resistance to Night’s song, “A Living Human Girl,” which turned out to be the song that got the Regrettes noticed by their manager and signed to Warner Brothers. “She hated it. She refused to play it. She wouldn’t play it live because she hated it so much. And it was so important to me. And that’s, I think, what led to us breaking up.”

Night and Murphy started Pretty Little Demons in 2012 when Night was 11 and Murphy was 9. By 2014 they had played SXSW and Lollapalooza. They changed their band’s name to the Regrettes in August 2015 and released an EP on Black Rainbow Records. The EP contained “A Living Human Girl” and Murphy owns 25% of the songwriting credit for that song. That’s not to suggest that Murphy didn’t hate it, but as with most relationships, the end seems to have been messier than people prefer to remember.

Regardless of how it came about, the current lineup of the Regrettes is amazing. And Lydia Night is right: “The world works in really weird, cool ways.”

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Video: The Regrettes – “Red Light” (live on Kimmel)

From the Attention Seeker EP, out now on Warner Bros.

* * *

A little more about that 2015 two-piece Regrettes EP, because it seems to have been wiped from the internet. Here’s what we know from what’s still out there. It was called Hey! and was recorded by Matt Adams from Blank Tapes. The EP had been available via iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon, but it’s not anymore.

Hey! tracklist:
1. Hey Now! 3:52
2. Hot 3:13
3. A Living Human Girl 2:15
4. Bronze 3:55

A video was made for “Hey Now!” but it’s no longer online.

The two-piece Regrettes toured through November 2015. But by December 2015 Night formed the new band. Warner Brothers offered them a deal in January 2016, which was signed in March.

NPR highlighted the Regrettes in their 2016 SXSW preview and showcased the original 2015 version of “A Living Human Girl.”

It’s not nearly as good as the Feel Your Feelings, Fool! full-band version. But fans love hearing early versions and demos. I understand why Warner Brothers would want to start fresh once they signed the band, but it’s a bummer that the proto stuff is unavailable.

Video: The Regrettes – “A Living Human Girl”

From Feel Your Feelings, Fool! out now on Warner Bros. Records.

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