50 Years Ago in Rolling Stone: Issue 35

Rolling Stone issue #35 had a cover date of June 14, 1969. 40 page. 35 cents. Cover photo of Chuck Berry by Baron Wolman.

Features: “Roll Over, Chuck Berry” by Greil Marcus; “Jean-Luc Godard” by Jonathan Cott; “American Revolution 1969: The Battle of People’s Park” by John Burks and John Grissim, Jr.; “This Time Gas – Guns What Next Bombs?” by Langdon Winner; “Festivals” (a roundup of all the 1969 music festivals–Woodstock is not even mentioned); “Fuzz Against Junk: The Saga of the Narcotics Brigade, Installment Three” by Akbar Del Piombo.

News: Fillmore Fans Watch the Flames; Leary Cut Loose, Wants to Run; Stones Set Pear A-Rolling; Airplane Busted Twice in South; Cl’pt’n-W’w’d-B’k’r Have Blind Faith; “Joe South: ‘C&W Music Is Shit'” by Jerry Hopkins; Freaks Fight Back: $80,000 Suit; Jim Morrison Tells All; Doors Will Do It In A Bull Ring; McGuinn & Dylan Riding Easy; “DC Snipes at Free Press” by Derek Shearer; Bikers Stomp at Canadian Festival; Lenny’s Second Brucemas Coming; “Gospel Rock’s Unhappy Days” by Ben Fong-Torres; LA Holds C&W Unpop Festival; Genie the Tailor Dies in Crash; T.I.M.E. Drummer Shot in Stomach; “And, Boy Were They Wrecked!” (the Turtles play the White House); “The Who’s Opera: A Loud Deafmute”. And Random Notes on Sons of Champlin, Van Dkye Parks, Leonard Cohen, Love, Duke Ellington, Frank Zappa, Dylan/Cash, Sun Ra, Jack Casady, The Magic Christian, the Byrds, and the Mamas and the Papas.

Full-page ads: As Safe As Yesterday Is by Humble Pie on Instant/Immediate; Accept No Substitute by Delaney & Bonnie on Elektra; Aoxomoxoa by Grateful Dead on Warner Bros; Motor-Cycle by Lotti Golden on Atlantic; Psychology Today; Buddah Records; Infinity amplifier by Sunn; Newport Jazz Festival; Truckin’ with Albert Collins on Blue Thumb.

More ads: US: A Paperback Magazine on Bantam; HPSCHD by John Cage and Lejaren Hiller on Nonesuch; The Charlatans on Philips; Laura Nyro on Columbia; Remember The Wind And The Rain by Jaime Brockett on Oracle; Beautiful Thoughts by Tiny Tim on Doubleday; Rolling Stone Book – Volume II; Street Busker by Don Partridge on Capitol; Stax Records; Stax Records; Pickin’ Up the Pieces by Poco on Epic; Same Train, A Different Time by Merle Haggard on Capitol; “New Day” b/w “Thumbin’ a Ride” by Jackie Lomax on Apple; Doctor Dunbar’s Prescription by Ainsley Dubar on Blue Thumb; Denver Pop Festival; Fields on Uni; Pyewacket: “PYEWACKET doesn’t even have a recording contract YET!!! (We’re working it!!!)”.

Columns: “Astrology” by Ambrose Hollingsworth.

Reviews: The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society (by Paul Williams); Freddie King Is A Blues Master (by Pete Welding); Running, Jumping, Standing Still, Spider John Koerner and Willy Murphy (by Tony Glover); Mark Spoelstra (by Gary Von Tersch); Wheatfield Soul, The Guess Who (by Nancy Edmonds); Autosalvage (by Ed Ward); Wheatstraw Suite, The Dillards (by Jim Bickhart); Ars Longa Vita Brevis, The Nice (by John Mendelsohn).

Poetry: “The Moon Is In Shao’s Baby” by Lewis MacAdams; “Cantata for Anne” by Gary Von Tersch.

Subscription offer: Subscribers could get a free copy of Tommy by the Who “with a $10 two-year subscription [52 issues] or a regular subscription and one gift subscription [$12]; or, if you are already a subscriber, two gift subscriptions [$12].” Plus 50 cents shipping. Complicated!

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