50 Years Ago in Rolling Stone: Issue 37

Rolling Stone issue #37 had a cover date of July 12, 1969. 40 pages. 35 cents. Cover photo of Elvis Presley.

Features: “You Won’t ask Elvis Anything too Deep?” by William Otterburn-Hall; “Pete Townshend on Tommy” by Rick Sanders and David Dalton; “Jefferson Airplane Today” by Ben Fong-Torres; “The Troubadour: Rick Nelson” by Jerry Hopkins; “Fuzz Against Junk: The Saga of the Narcotics Brigade, Installment Five” by Akbar Del Piombo; “A Short History Of Religion In California” by Richard Brautigan.

News: Beatles ‘Get Back’ LP Due in July; “Doors’ Movie Is a Feast for Friends” by Jerry Hopkins; Fleetwood Mac to Put Christ on Wax; “‘Back to the Bible’ For Californians” by Ben Fong-Torres; Brian Jones Leaves Stones; Jimi Hendrix Has a Brand New Bass; God Named Party In Property Suits; Cops ‘n’ Robbers For the MC5; Keep on Truckin’, Dopers–It’s OK; “100,000 Sons of A Preacherman” by Robert W. Neubert; Blind Faith Debuts: ‘Well All Right!’; Rock Unsafe at Any Volume; “Beethoven Was Black and Proud” by John Grissim, Jr.; The Wild West: a Wild S.F. Fest; L.A. Gives Dylan Gospel Treatment; Festival Notes. And Random Notes on Zig-Zag papers, Donovan, Manfred Mann, MC5, Mad River, Timothy Leary, Nicky Hopkins, the Supremes, and Pat Boone.

Full-page ads: The Winter Consort on A&M; Live and Well by B.B. King on Bluesway; Glad I’m in the Band by Lonnie Mack on Elektra; Atlantic Records Welcomes the MC5; “The Ballad of John and Yoko” b/w “Old Brown Shoe” by the Beatles on Apple; Memphis Underground by Herbie Mann on Atlantic; I Didn’t Raise My Boy to be a Soldier by Eli Radish on Capitol; Sunn amplifiers; Brave New World by Steve Miller Band on Capitol.

More ads: Anthology of Rhythm and Blues Volume 1 on Columbia; Inside Bugsy on Dot; It’s a Beautiful Day on Columbia; The Charlatans on Philips; The World of Harry Partch on Columbia; Ann Arbor Blues Festival; Tommy by the Who on Decca; Merryweather on Capitol; Rolling Stone Book – Volume II; Pyewacket at Fillmore West; Atlanta International Pop Festival; What’s New by Bill Evans and Jeremy Steig on Verve; Larry Coryell on Vanguard.

Reviews: John Littlejohn’s, Chicago Blues Stars (by Pete Welding); Aoxomoxoa, The Grateful Dead (by Adele Novelli); Memphis Underground, Herbie Mann (by Langdon Winner); Pretties For You, Alice Cooper (by Lester Bangs); Elephant Mountain, The Youngbloods (by Lester Bangs); Howard Tate (by John Godfrey).

Columns: “Visuals: Heavy Slices of Existence” by Thomas Albright; “Astrology” by Ambrose Hollingsworth; “Perspectives: A Reunion at Winterland” by Ralph J. Gleason.

Poetry: “#121” by Gary Von Tersch; “After Drinking Wine” by Gary Von Tersch; “The Sound Of a Single Flute” by Gary Von Tersch.

Subscription offer: Subscribers could get a free copy of Tommy by the Who “with a $10 two-year subscription [52 issues] or a regular subscription and one gift subscription [$12]; or, if you are already a subscriber, two gift subscriptions [$12].” Plus 50 cents shipping. Complicated!

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